What Is Your Christmas Style?

With the holidays right around the corner we have decided to round up some of our favourite Christmas décor styles. There are so many different ways to decorate your home for Christmas and the styles are always changing. Which style is your favourite? Maybe you love a combination of styles!


This style is simple and clean and offers a minimal amount of neutral coloured Christmas décor. It has a very soft, airy feel combined with the organic feel of some natural greens and wood.


There are no rules for this Christmas style. Bright colours and quirkiness are key. You will often see some DIY Christmas decorations in this eclectic style. Use of branches and leaves or anything you may dream of will work.


This style is often focused on the traditional Christmas colours of red and gold. Bringing lots of sparkles and soft lighting to the room will help you achieve this style.


This style is often seen as black and white décor but lately we have seen lots of silver and blue or pink and gold for a more feminine look. Think lots of sparkle and lights, like a scene from a fairy tale.


This style can be a combination of country and rustic and bits of vintage. It often uses the traditional red colour of Christmas mixed with lots of rustic woods, natural greens and white. Some combinations leave out the red and focus more on neutral colours.

Hope this inspires some Christmas decorating this year!

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