Tips For Moving In The Winter

Are you moving this winter? There are some things to consider when moving in the winter weather – things you obviously wouldn’t have to worry about during the summer or spring seasons.

In order to minimize stress and ease tension, we have some tips to make your winter move seamless and warm.

moving in saskatoon during the winter

Tip One: Dress In Layers

This is the most crucial step to keep you comfortable during a winter move and one that is most over-looked. Not only should you dress in layers but you should also layer your socks and wear a warm pair of boots that have a lot of grip!

Tip Two: Clean Driveways & Walkways

After you are dressed for the move it’s time to clear the driveways and walkways of snow and ice. Failure to provide a clean and safe driveway may result in extra charges for pick up or may cause delays. If you or your movers falls while carrying your furniture the items could be damaged or broken. Last but not least, if one of the movers you hired (or if you) slip(s) they or you could be severely injured.

As an extra precaution, you can salt and sand driveways and walks. Salt and sand will melt the ice and provide traction for you.

Tip Three: Take Care of Utilities

Taking care of utilities includes both homes. In order to minimize all inconveniences, stress, and discomfort, make sure you disconnect your utilities after your previous home has been cleared up and all of your belongings loaded. To make a smooth transition into your new home ensure that you have hooked up all new utilities.

Tip Four: Work Closely With Your Moving Company

Being in constant contact with your moving crew will reduce anxiety and will ensure positive open communication. Being in close contact will help you understand if there are delays such as uncooperative weather or vehicle problems. Moving companies do their best to safely deliver your goods to their new destination but may be unable to do so if a storm hits or if their vehicle won’t start because it is too cold out.

Tip Five: Make The Move Easier On Your Children

Moving is hard on you because there are a lot of moving parts but moving is hard on children as it takes them out of their routine, puts them in an unfamiliar environment and leaves them feeling stressed – as they might not have the language to understand, “This is your new room”.

To make the move easier on your children have them stay with a family member they know and are comfortable with. Set their new room up (as close to their old one as possible). When your children arrive they will be comforted when they see their room, their belongings and when it is set up and ready for them to play.

Tip Six: Have All Documents Ready

If this move includes moving to a new country or continent ensure you have all documents ready. These documents include birth certificates, passports, airline tickets, Nexus, Visas etc.

Tip Seven: Keep Valuables on You

If you have valuables or priceless heirlooms that used to be in your home take them with you or invest in a large or extra large safety deposit bank at a bank if moving them is not an option on moving day. The less “stuff” you have to worry about on moving day, the happier and smoother it will be.

Tip Eight: Turn Up The Heat

Nothing is worse than spending a day in the snow – cold; and then entering a cold house. Keep yourself (and your family) happy by turning up the heat in your home.

Tip Nine: Protect Your Floors!

When moving in the winter, there might be an extra mess on your floor such as snow. However, if you followed tip number two there might also be salt and sand on the floor which may permanently damage them if you do not cover them.

Keep your floors clean and safe by laying down rubber mats or plastic.

Tip Ten: Keep Warm Beverages On Hand

Everyone who is working, carrying boxes, unpacking and driving will thank you for providing a warm beverage during a break! If you have no access (aka – you forgot which box the coffee maker or tea pot are in) drive to your nearest Tim Hortons and grab your worker bees a warm beverage.


Good luck with your move this winter! No matter where you are going we hope you enjoy your new home and your new memories!


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