Meet Your Neighbours: Juan Carlos, Sofia & Family

Meet our new neighbours – Sofia, Juan Carlos, Mariana and Maite!  Here’s what they have to say about one of the newest communities in Saskatoon.

Why did you choose to call The Meadows your home?

We like the look and feel of this craftsman-style community. If feels brighter, traditional yet modern, and inviting…like a community. Since we moved here we are also noticing that the people here are very friendly. Maybe it’s the front porches, but everyone seems to be connecting with their neighbours…people are truly friendly.

Why did you choose your particular home – The Greene Single-Family Home?

We love The Greene. The layout is so perfect, especially the upstairs. Every time someone comes to visit, we can hear the “wow” as people are coming up the stairs. We like the open concept … it promotes togetherness as a family. Originally we weren’t sure about the den downstairs, but it is truly terrific. I (Sofia) will turn that into an office. That way I have my own space, but not in some remote corner of the house…like the basement. We also like the location of the laundry room…so convenient.

What is your favourite feature of your home?

The family room…the feeling when we come up the stairs.

And the den.

And the BIG windows.

Why did you choose Arbutus Properties over another home builder?

We came to The Meadows for the first time about two years ago. It was for The Morris launch. We met all the people from Arbutus, and it was a really nice event. It was obvious that people working with Arbutus are a team. That gave us a warm feeling. We then kept coming back, and we were always made to feel welcome and good. So…there was a good feeling from the get-go.

What is the coolest thing about you?   

Sofia: Juan Carlos and my academic, family and personal goals have given us the opportunity to live in different parts of the world. We went from Mexico to Spain to France to Calgary…back to Mexico and then Saskatoon. We speak Spanish, French and English, but more importantly – experiencing all of these different dynamics together has taught us to work as a true family…we are a great TEAM. Our adventures united us in a very special way.

Most embarrassing moment?    

My most embarrassing and really most horrifying moment was when I was driving our farm’s 3-ton truck full of grain. As you can imagine, you cannot slam on the brakes too much. So…somehow our neighbour’s pigs got loose…and I ran over all of them! I cried for days and never drove that 3-ton truck again.

Most triumphant moment?    

Mariana and Maite

If you could have a super power, what would it be?         

Juan Carlos: I would like to fly !!!

Sofia: I would like to be able to beam myself anywhere in the world…just like Captain Kirk. Also, when someone does not feel happy, I would like to touch them, and in an instant they’d be filled with JOY.

Do you have a hidden talent that people don’t know about?

Juan Carlos is an extreme athlete – rock and mountain climbing, hang gliding, para gliding, marathon running.

Sofia is a classically trained singer. There are 2 guitars, 1 ukulele, and a piano in the living room. Juan Carlos and Mariana play guitar, Maite plays the ukulele, and Sofia sings.

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