Move Your Parents Into A Bungalow

Are your parents in a house that is too large for them? Do you find them climbing ladders, shovelling snow and taking care of other yard work that may be getting difficult for them? Is it time to move your parents into a bungalow in a gated community?

A home can have a significant influence on the ability to make friends and access to amenities and quality of life is often dependent on factors such as your actual living space or the locality where you reside.

You might feel like moving could make life better for you and parents. By discussing your concerns and wishes and considering different options for moving, you may be able to convince your parents that it is time to move.

move your parents into a bungalow

Step One: Research Potential New Homes

Before you plant the idea of moving into your parents mind, be sure you have found a home that fits their needs. Researching potential options before your parents start asking questions about your motivation and where you want them to move can help you make a more convincing case.

Ensure to your parents that even though they may be downsizing their home, they may be upgrading their home in style, features, location and walking scores. A downsize in a home can be an upgrade in lifestyle.

Keep notes on all of the different places you research (and visit) so that you can present the options to your parents and allow them to get involved and get excited about next steps.

Step Two: Plant The Seed of Moving

You know your parents best, but subtlety might be your best option when bringing up something as delicate as moving. This is probably your childhood home, or the home your dad built and it is most likely their home with all their memories ~ it is going to be hard to part with.

Try not to spring this information on your parents immediately. Take time to plant the seed at the right moments once you’ve had a chance to write out the positives of a move, costs associated, and the new lifestyle your parents will be able to enjoy.

Avoid being pushy and try to have open dialouge about their fears and their current needs.

Step Three: Give Your Parents Adequate Time To Consider

Once you’ve presented the options to your parents and you’ve highlighted the reasons that moving is probably in their best interest, wait and allow them to think about the information and the move. If your parents are unable to handle some of the house maintenance items or they are struggling with the up keep of their home, point this out. Use it as positive in terms of why they should move.

Remember that moving doesn’t happen overnight and may require that your parents take time to consider the pros and cons for them.

Step Four: Let Your Parents Stay in Control

Downsizing can be emotional for older adults (moving can be hard on everyone at every stage of life). Sometimes the move can make your parents feel like they’re losing a certain amount of control over their lives.

Talk to your parents consistently. Let them know that while you may make suggestions, the decision is ultimately theirs to make. Ask questions about their current living situation that will allow them to come to their own conclusions.

Talking to your parents about downsizing their home can be a sensitive subject.  Starting the discussion early and making the decision together can help your parents transition with dignity and with the confidence that they have your full support.

Step Five: Respect Your Parents Decision

No matter what happens. No matter what your parents decide, respect their final decision.

Moving is hard. Moving when you are older is even harder. There may be concerns your parents have that you are unaware of.  Stay open minded and know that you can always bring up the topic at a later date.

Offer to help your parents in any way you can and know that if they are not ready to move yet the topic is not off the table. You can always circle back to it when you feel confident in their ability to listen to the information.

If your parents are ready to make their move we would love to help make this transition easier on both you and you parents. Stop by and say hi!


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