Meet Your Neighbours – Sarah and Omid

Meet Sarah and Omid, new homeowners of a Morris home and your new neighbours! Here’s what they have to say and why they are excited to call The Meadows their home in Saskatoon.

Why did you choose to call the Meadows your home?

We wanted to live close to my sister. Plus we are expecting a baby girl in June, so we were looking for a true community. We drove around different neighborhoods and when we discovered The Meadows we immediately realized that it was different. The houses look beautiful. The styles are similar, but – at the same time – they are all a little different. We like the front porches, the finished driveways, and the trees. Omid and I came back several times and noticed the people living in The Meadows. It all felt just right for us.

Why did you choose The Morris Home plan?

We love the quality of the Arbutus homes. Sara and I looked at many homes, but the Morris has everything we are looking for. We wanted a separate entrance for the basement, 2 full bathrooms, and lots of light … that is really important to us. We fell in love with the layout and the high ceiling. We don’t feel like we are living in a smaller house. The open concept makes everything look so spacious.

What is your favourite feature of your home?

The big windows and the light …

In the morning we are enjoying the sunrise at our dining room table, and in the evening we can watch the sunset from our couch in the living room.

And the open concept …

Our friends always comment on how spacious our home feels. They really like it.

What is the coolest thing about you?

Sara: Omid is my Rock. He is so patient and takes on whatever stress comes our way. I am never affected … Omid protects me from everything.

Omid: Sara’s passion for life.


Do you have a hidden talent that people don’t know about?

Sara paints and Omid loves design … his plan is to continue with his passion for architecture one day.

Most triumphant moment ?

We arrived from Iran 3 years ago and had to start over. In these three years we both found really good jobs. Sara works with CIBC, and Omid works with an accounting firm. We made a lot of good friends, we now have a beautiful house, and in June we will have our Baby.  We are really proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time.

If you’d like to be part of The Meadows community, and if you want to become our newest neighbour, please feel free to contact us.

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