Meadows Market Anchored by New Costco in Saskatoon

As the first phase of the Meadows Market shopping centre kicks off with the new Costco opening to the public on November 10th, we thought it would be a good idea to let you know what else we have in store for what will be a remarkable new shopping centre in The Meadows community and Saskatoon.  While we can’t yet provide details on the names of tenants who will occupy the second phase of Meadows Market located right across the street from Costco, due to lease negotiations currently underway, we can tell you that you’ll be able to do a lot of shopping.


To orient you to the Meadows Market, as you turn left off Highway 16 onto the newly constructed Zimmerman Road, you’ll turn right on Market Drive on your way to the new Costco.  Phase Two of Meadows Market will be on your left.  Currently a vacant site, this component of the Market will focus on a pedestrian-focused shopping experience with outdoor eating and seating areas, broad sidewalks and music playing through-out.  In shopping centre lingo, the retail mix will be made up of “soft-good” stores (clothing, home furnishings, services and restaurants).  You be able to bank, shop for clothes, dine, and afterward, spend the evening with friends enjoying few pints and watching a game.

With Meadows Market Phase Two located directly opposite what will be a residential neighborhood of some 2,200 homes and linked by paths and bike trails providing good pedestrian and vehicular access, this area of Meadows Market is destined to become a favorite for locals and residents of Rosewood.  Ground servicing of this second phase will start in the Spring of 2017 with stores opening in the early part of 2018.


Further down the road, north of Phase Two, will be Phase Three of Meadows Market and will potentially include a number of larger format store concepts; perhaps a movie theatre, grocery store and others but we are still very early in the planning of this component of our retail mix here.

Come visit our Showhomes when you’re finished your shopping at the new Costco in the Meadows Market and see what it will feel like to be part of the masterplan community at The Meadows.


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