Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Looking Like New

This “Tuesday Tips” is all about how to – Keep Your Kitchen Clean and Looking Like New!

When you buy a new house you probably attempt to keep it looking as new as possible for as long as possible. However, the kitchen – no matter what you do, receives a lot of wear and tear as there are sometimes three meals a day cooked in there. Sometimes your little helpers also make a bigger mess in the kitchen then you ever dreamed possible.

We have been striving to keep kitchens clean forever and after a few trials and errors in the kitchen we are happy to say we have some tips on how to keep your kitchen looking fresh, clean and new.

Please note ** While we’ve found these solutions and we’ve tried them, they may not be the best for your appliances, your furniture or your home. Please read your appliance manuals and care instructions before you use or try our cleaning methods to ensure you are using the proper cleaning solutions for your items.

Tip One:

Borax and water can make your vent hood shine like new. Soak yours overnight. Wake up. Scrub it with a vegetable brush and it should look shiny and new.

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Tip Two:

If the grates on your stove top have seen a better day, soak them for an hour in a little bit of ammonia. Brush them off and voila! Your stove tops should look like they just arrived in your kitchen, from the store.

kitchen clean

Tip Three:

Faucet heads that look like they could be mined for minerals can also be restored to their once clean state by placing a plastic bag, filled with CLR (or any other calcium remover), over the faucet for a few minutes. Take an old toothbrush, brush over the faucet head a few times just to ensure the final few deposits have been removed.

kitchen clean

Tip Four:

Counter tops can bare the brunt of use in your kitchen. If you have stone countertops, you can clean stains with a little hydrogen peroxide and or a few drops of ammonia. If scratches are starting to show up use a small superfine dry steel wool called “grade 0000” to hide those large/porous scratches and to bring counter back to their glory.

If counter tops have larger cuts or scratches, you may need to consider resealing them.

kitchen clean

Tip Five:

If wood floors need a little boost mix 9 parts warm water with one part white vinegar and your once drab floors will be the neighbourhood envy.

kitchen clean

We hope our tips help keep your home looking fresh clean and brand new.

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