How To Choose The Best Lot

Evaluating a future home lot is important. No matter where you choose to live, you will want to investigate your potential location thoroughly.

A fast growing area, such as The Meadows, offers fast appreciation of housing.  Because we are currently growing, you may experience growing pains.

Please consider infrastructure, catholic schools, public schools and whether or not you and your family want to be near the construction. Some people do not mind being close to the construction as they see the bigger picture and end in site.

Other families need to have a home in a quiet location without the excitement of building as they have smaller children that require quiet home environments.

No matter what your needs are and what your comfort levels are, we have the perfect lot waiting for you!

lot in the meadows

Things To Consider When Picking A Lot:

– Traffic patterns (are you on a main road or a cul-de-sac). Do you like being closer to the hustle and bustle of life or do you prefer a quiet street with less traffic? When you choose your lot, you choose your preference. 

– Backing on to green space is appealing to some families. Our next phase of building has great green space available. If you love greenery and you want a home that is closer to nature, then now is the time to secure your lot.

– Choosing to be close to amenities is a high priority for some people. If you fit into this category you can choose a lot that is a stone throw away from The Market Meadows.

– Corner lots are typically larger and  typically there is traffic on two sides. Due to this – more landscaping is usually required and owners have more space to upkeep. Corner lots also require a little more attention in the winter as you have more sidewalk to shovel. If you are looking for lower maintenance homes, a corner lot might not be the best lot for you.  

– Floorplans. Make sure your desired home fits the buildable area without compromising on your outdoor space. We feel we’ve provided great lots to mitigate this, but we will double check this with you before we begin building your dream home on your ideal lot.

– Sun Exposure. If you are a sun worshiper then a western or southern exposure home would be ideal for you so that you can capitalize on the summer sun in Saskatchewan.

– Cost. Lot prices vary greatly depending on a few things. We can go over pricing with you, however, the general “price guideline” for lots is about 15 – 20% of your home’s value (depending on your geographic location). A few things that change lot prices may include view, subdivisions and proximity to schools.

We are confident that after you complete your homework the lot you choose will be the best one for you, your family and your needs. Keep in mind, the right lot is like the right house, there may need to be a little compromise.

As always, we were here if you need anything at all. We would be more than happy to talk about lots, houses and locations with you.

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