Front Porch Decor Tips

Are you ready for summer and looking for some easy DIY tips to spruce up your front porch or deck?

We have some inexpensive ideas using items that you may already have in your home. Not only will these ideas create more curb appeal for your home but they may also provide a quiet and relaxing spot for you to enjoy.

Tip One: Hanging Chair

Make a hanging lounge chair by simply using rope, doweling and some cloth to provide you a relaxing seat on your porch.

Photo: themerrythought

Step-by-step directions.

Tip Two: Porch lights

Create some mood lighting by placing candles in mason jars.

front porch decor

Tip Three: Cinder box options

Use some cinder blocks and a few wood slabs and you’ve got yourself a bench. Easy instructions here.

Or a staggered outdoor bench to display plants and flowers. Paint and tack the cinder boxes on top of each other and fill with soil and you instantly have a planter.

Photo: alickapromise

Photo: campfirechic

Tip Four: Tomato cage

Simply flip over a tomato cage and you have an elevated pot stand.

Tip Five: Outdoor cushions

Sew two placemats or a vinyl tablecloth around a pillow and you now how a weather-resistant pillow to pretty up your outdoor furniture. Check out some simple instructions here.

Photo: happylooksgoodonyo

We hope you have fun decorating your outdoor space and getting ready for the summer!

If you have more tips, we would love to hear about them.

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