The Family Home Hunt

The Family Home Hunt – where should you start?

When it comes time to start looking for a family home, each family is different. Whether you are a couple looking to start a new family, parents requiring a larger space for your growing children or a family looking to add to their clan in the near future, we have some helpful tips to consider in your house hunt.

“Right-sizing” your family home

Right-sizing is knowing how much living space you need for you and your family. Consider how many bedrooms and “bonus” rooms you need and what the optimal layout is. An open floor plan allows movement through the kitchen, living and dining area plus good sight lines to keep an eye on the kids. A bonus area can also be converted into a home office, play room, bedroom or guest room for grandparents.

A community to call home

“Home” should also extend to the community where you want to live. Write down your top two or three “must-haves” for the neighbourhood that your family can enjoy together. This could be a park, shopping centre, school, community centre, grocery store or a great coffee shop. Your wish list will vary by family and lifestyle and there really is no right or wrong.

Getting around town

As a family, decide if you prefer living in an urban or suburban area. Where do you see yourself and your kids growing up?  Consider accessibility and your commute to and from work. Being near family members and grandparents who assist with child care may also be a factor when choosing your new family home.

Set a plan and know your priorities

As a family, make sure to define your goals and develop a plan for home ownership. Your planning process should include understanding your budget, home features, community amenities and ranking them in order of importance to help make the decision-making process easier.

Your Community. Your Home. Your Style.