Here are some easy tips to take around the house to reduce your carbon footprint and create a healthier environment, plus allowing you to save money and energy in your home.

1) Move your fridge into the shade

Leaving your fridge in the sunlight forces it to work harder than it has to and wastes energy. If possible, move it away from the range. A fridge uses up to 2.5 percent more power for each degree the surrounding temperature is above 70 degrees. If you cannot move it, try to block any sunny window with curtains.

2) Use the dishwasher

Did you know washing the same number of dishes by hand actually uses more water than doing the same load in your dishwasher, especially if you have an Energy Star dishwasher.

3) Replace your incandescent light bulbs

Replace your light bulbs with LED ones. LEDs are a great green option as they use less electricity, produce less heat and lasts longer than your average incandescent light bulbs.

4) Install a water-saving showerhead

The wrong low-flow shower head can make for a bad shower but nowadays there are many water-saving options that don’t compromise pressure.

5) Go from scalding to just hot

Turn your water heater’s temperature setting down from the standard 140 degrees F (or 60 degrees C) to 120 degrees F (or 50 degrees C). Not only will this save money and energy in your home, it will also slow down mineral buildup and corrosion, extending the life of your hot water tank.

6) Pick up thick curtain in the winter

You’ll keep warmer in the colder months without having to crank the heat and you’ll save money and energy in your home in the long-term.

7) Open your blinds

Avoid turning on the lights in your house and instead open your blinds to allow the sunlight to naturally brighten and warm your home.

8) Use vinegar to clean

Clean everything and anything you can with vinegar. It’s the perfect all natural multipurpose cleaner.

9) Sign up for online statements.

You’ll save money, de-clutter your home and save trees in the process.

We hope that these simple tips will save you more money and energy while helping to contribute to your eco-friendly home. Please let us know if we can help you with anything home related.

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