Designing a Masterplan Community in Saskatoon

What makes for a successful masterplan community in Saskatoon?

A successful masterplan community is more than the sum of its roads, homes, services and amenities.  It must evolve and flourish over time, creating a sense of place. A masterplan creates an integrated community of residential and commercial developments, schools, parks, trails, usable open space, and streetscapes. We believe that community development is about creating spaces that sustain us now and in the future, and more importantly, creating places that you feel you below to.

As both the land developer and a home builder in The Meadows, Arbutus Properties created Architectural Design Guidelines for both ourselves and partner builders. The guidelines seek to create the foundation for a great community, by setting a high standard for development. They are intended to provide direction in the planning, design and construction of residential improvements, to ensure compatibility with the environment and respect of the rich landscape

Our underlying philosophy is that responsible design creates lasting communities. We create spaces that respond to the land and the people who use them. We do this because we’re part of the community too, and we care about the places where we live as much as you do.

At Arbutus, we establish the following corporate values to guide us in making both yours and our community a reality:

Our Vision:

To build lasting communities based on a sense of belonging and inclusivity that makes people feel a genuine part of where they live.

Our Mission:

To build better communities through research, design and planning that is constantly evolving from everything we’ve learned and continue to learn.

Our Commitment:

We are committed to building local economies by investing our resources, people and capital to create strong communities. By choosing to work with the best tradespeople and vendors in each of these communities, we help create local jobs and sustainable employment that benefit local families, businesses and their economy.

Your Community. Your Home. Your Style.