Decorate A Kids Room Without Breaking The Bank

If you’re looking to decorate a child’s bedroom you’ve probably already witnessed how the costs can soon pile up.

We’ve found some simple and easy adjustments and tricks that don’t cost an arm and a leg. These simple ideas can have a serious impact on the style and design of the room.

These ideas range from done in a day, to an extended period of time. No matter what you choose to do to decorate your child’s room, be sure to read all suggestions below.

Idea One – Decorate A Kids Bedroom With A Chalkboard

You can paint a chalkboard into your kids room, right on the wall. Then, they will have hours to play, color and build art. The best part is – clean up is a breeze with the vacuum cleaner. Also, some people have been building in bottom ledges to catch the chalk dust.

kids room

Idea Two – A Book Shelf + Wall Art For A Kids Room

This simple trick is an easy one. Go to Home Depot or Rona (or repaint the old) rain gutters. Then, place books on them as well as small stuffed animals. It’s a great place holder for books, it does not take up much space and it’s the perfect reading corner.

kids room saskatoon


Idea Three – Wall Decals

You can buy these anywhere. There are stores online, home depot has them and so does Toys R Us. Wall decals are the easiest way to create a new a room and they are very affordable.

kids room saskatoon


Idea Four – Glow In The Dark WallPaper

How cool would this be in your kids room? It’s relatively cheap, especially if you just pick a feature wall to decorate. It’s always a great way to change the room and the vibe from day to night. 



Idea Five – Use Bunk Beds As A Feature Piece

A Bunk bed can actually save room in your child’s bedroom and they are not that expensive. You can get a bed on top and work station underneath or you can have two beds. There are endless options. Also, Kijiji and Craiglists always has bunk beds on them. Purchase a used one and spruce it up to your liking. 

kids room

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