Benefits of downsizing or right-sizing your home

Have you been thinking about downsizing your home now that your children have moved out and travelling sounds more appealing than cleaning? Do you think condo and townhome living is just for first-time homebuyers or investors?  Here are reasons why this could be the right choice for you:

1) No maintenance

No more lawn to take care of, gutters to clean or driveway to shovel. Downsizing your home can be a great relief in terms of the time you’ll be saving.

2) Easier to clean

A smaller home simply means there is less to clean.

3) More money

With the additional money you should be making off the sale of your home, there is a good chance that downsizing may provide you with extra assets to put away for retirement, travel or whatever you heart desires. Expenses like utilities, taxes and home insurance will also decrease with a smaller efficient new home.

4) Amenities

The convenience of an entertainment room, hot tub or fitness gym just steps away makes it easy to stay healthy and get to know your neighbours.

5) Accessibility

Projects are located within neighbourhoods that are close to amenities like shopping, restaurants, entertainment and recreation. You can have everything you need, right outside your door – meaning you have more time to do things you love rather than commuting. Downsizing your home allows you to live closer to the lifestyle you want.

6) Simplify and declutter

A move to a new and smaller home will encourage you to get rid of all that “stuff” that you’ve accumulated all those years. When you organize your home, you organize your life. When you create space in your home, you also create space in your life!

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