6 Benefits of Townhome Living

Are you looking for an affordable home with similar space as a single-family home without all the maintenance? If so, check out these benefits of townhome living and see if this is the perfect choice for you!

1) Low-maintenance townhome living

Not everyone wants to spend all weekend on maintenance and upkeep around the home, and this is one of the biggest advantage of townhome living.  You can enjoy a home with the same amount of space as a stand-alone detached single family home without spending time maintaining a large yard, repairing the exterior or clearing the snow.

2) Privacy and security

While a townhouse is not as private as a single-family home, it is more private than a condo or apartment since you have your own private entry and do not have neighbours above and below you. The close proximity of neighbours help improve safety and security within your community. This creates a sense of comfort when you go out of town knowing neighbours have a vested interest in the safety of your home and their own.

3) Community amenities

Townhomes are normally built within masterplanned communities which include parks, shopping, restaurant and schools. Having these conveniences in addition to meeting other people in your neighbourhood provide a lifestyle that many enjoy. In addition, townhome communities provide features that are desirable but not affordable on an individual’s budgets, such as fitness facilities, hot tubs, movie or party rooms.

4)An affordable option

Price is one of the reasons people choose townhome living. With various government plans available for first-time homebuyers, this is a great choice for many starting out with home ownership.

5) Parking is convenient

Living in a townhouse means that you do not have to walk a considerable distance from the parkade to the elevator and then down a hallway like in an apartment style condo. The attached garage in the home makes getting in and out quicker, especially in cold weather and when you need to warm up the car.

6) A place for downsizing

When your children have left home and a large home is too big for just yourselves, the advantages of townhome living makes a lot of sense when you are considering downsizing.  Townhomes feel more like a detached home than an apartment, and offer minimal maintenance as you approach retirement and want to spend more time travelling rather than home maintenance.

Townhome residents enjoy the feel of single-family living often at a lower cost and with much less responsibility for maintenance and greater sense of security. If this sounds like you, contact us for information on our Harvest Townhomes.

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