2019 Design Trends

We are so excited for the new year here at Arbutus and all the new things to come!  There is something about a new start and a fresh clean colour palette for the New Year!  We are looking forward to incorporating some of these new 2019 design trends in our next homes!

Guest Blog Brought To You By: Jen Lapsiuk, Arbutus Properties Designer

We asked our talented Designer, Jen Lapsiuk, about her favourite new trends and what to look at for in the new year.


Let’s bring the life back to your home!

Dark, moody, earth tones like navy or forest green are making a statement this year.  You have been seeing them pop up more and more in magazines and now people are starting to get comfortable with these richer colours.  You don’t have to get crazy. You can incorporate them by switching out some toss cushions, blankets, bedding or maybe even an accent chair or wall.  Start with something small like the powder room.

Dark Moody Kitchens:

We are definitely suckers for a classic WHITE kitchen but we love to throw in a dark accent here or there!

You are going to start to see more and more dark cabinets including BLACK!  These cabinets are offsetting all the white we have been seeing with some much needed drama.  They will often be used in a sleek, slab door style for a minimalist look.  You are going to see kitchens with no hardware and hidden storage and appliances.

Backsplash Focal Point:

Backsplashes are going to continue to be the focal point of the kitchen.  You are going to see them seamlessly stretched out to full height, behind floating shelves and range hoods.  You will continue to see marble, concrete, and quartz as well as the classic white subway tile.

Blonde Wood Tones:

Blonde, natural and reclaimed wood accents are going to continue to make a big statement this year.

They can add a beautiful texture and visual aspect to any room.  You are going to see them come to life in vanities and kitchens, with an accent island or some open shelving.  Lighter wood tone floors are continuing to be the number one choice as well.


The major movement over the years has continued to be sustainability.

Incorporating natural products such as rattan, linen, jute, cork and wood into your design can create a very warm and relaxing feeling in your home.  Being conscious of using eco-friendly products while being mindful of the environment and style is a trend that will last forever.

That’s it for our favorite round up of 2019 Design Trends!  When deciding what to do in your home, choose wisely and be sure you LOVE it!!

Happy designing!

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